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Stretching Band

Stretching Band

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Why are you needing this for?

Is ballet, dance, gymnastics or cheerleading a passion for you? Are you looking to achieve your goals of flexibility and amaze your friends and family? We all want our flexibility to be improved but without the right help, it can be tough!

Stretching Band is specially developed by professionals as equipment for Dance, Ballet and Gymnastics exercise. Use our band to bring your training down to the next level. It has been proved that just a few weeks of consistent training with our band significantly improves leg stretch and range of motion!

Let's Stretching Band Door Flexibility Trainer Be Your Stretching Coach!


Soft attachment and comfortable use: Not scratching your door but fixing a really solid band. Because you don't get rope burns thanks to the wide (1.6 inch) and soft strap Yet the strap has been chosen by the best manufacturers and is really durable so you're going to use it for a long-long time.

Benefits from this product?

Flexibility (before/after): Flexibility or limberness refers to the range of movement in a joint or series of joints, and length in muscles that cross the joints to induce a bending movement or motion. Flexibility varies between individuals, particularly in terms of differences in muscle length of multi-joint muscles.

Posture: Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Without posture and the muscles that control it, we would simply fall to the ground.

Leaner muscles: Cheers and Dancers who master their craft spend years improving their posture, coordination, and strength. We want you to shorten this learning curve, so we build this Leg Stretching Strap to help you develop leaner muscles and take your skills to the next level.

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