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Pregnant Car Seat Belt

Pregnant Car Seat Belt

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Travel With a Peace of Mind.

Moms often choose not to drive or be driven — fearing for their baby the worst. If they do, then they have to make a tough choice: buckle up or not?

The Pregnant Car Seat Belt solves that problem! Pregnant women may now have the freedom of traveling safely with their babies. Conventional seat belts may be a potential hazard to a pregnant mother and her child. In an accident, the compression force on your belly from your seat belt will be harmful to the unborn baby inside of you. Say "NO" to putting you and your child at risk.

Do you know how bad is the car seat belt hurting our baby? The pressure from it could cause injury to the placenta and hurt your sweet baby! 

Don't worry!! Get this now to prevent that to happen to your baby!



  • This is a protection of pregnant women, which can be mounted on a car seat and secure the adjustable seat belt.

  • Secure the adapter to the waist to prevent pressure on the belt around your belly.

  • The adapter and belt must be placed correctly to protect you and your baby.

  • Its position allows the belt to pass under the abdomen without reducing safety.

  • This safety belt is to prevent the belt-tightening of the abdomen, not disturbing the fetus, protect pregnant women well.

  • Avoid sudden braking and other injuries in pregnant women and babies, and reduce many Driving risks.

  • Made of soft and breathable material, environmentally friendly, non-slip design on the part lower.

  • With this belt, the pregnant mother takes a better position and can drive the car safely and comfortably, reducing the damage to the fetus.

  • Easily mounted on the car seat, adjustable strap length, suitable for any type of seat or vehicle.


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