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Philips Digital 4 Qt Airfryer with XXL Twin TurboStar

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By combining a powerful heater and motor with Philips new Twin TurboStar technology, the hot air in the Airfryer swirls like a powerful tornado throughout the entire cooking basket. Designed to extract more fat from your food and capture it all in the fat reducer for easy disposal. Philips Airfryer with Twin TurboStar technology also saves you and your home from the smell of fried oil compared to a regular fryer.


  • XXL family size fits a whole chicken or 2 bags of fries.
  • Twin TurboStar technology removes fat from foods.
  • 5 Preset settings for most popular dishes - the digital interface is easy to use with 5 preset cooking programs for one-touch cooking of frozen fries, chicken, meat, fish, and baking.
  • With grill bottom to perfectly grill fish, meat and more.
  • Fry, bake, grill and roast your favorite foods at home.
  • It comes with XXL twin-turbo star.
  • Quarts Capacity: 1.44 quarts

Product Details

  • Preset Cooking Options: Chicken; Fish; French Fries
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes