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Multi-Port Clothes Hanger

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Tired of reorganizing your closet every time it gets messy? Have NO MORE SPACE for your clothes in a Closet?  This Multi-Port Clothes Hanger is The BEST solution for you! Now you can Hang 9 Hangers in one & save 9 times more Space! 

Product Details:

Multi-Port Clothes Hanger has 9 Holes To Hang Clothes from, with an Anti-skid design! No more unnecessary time-consuming sliding. 

The foldable and 360-degree rotatable design makes it possible for you to maximize your storage space like never before, becoming quickly a staple in many homes, not only because they help with storage but because they make finding your favorite clothes easier than ever!

nine® - multi-port clothes hanger

Its reinforced structure Built from heavy-duty reinforced plastic is made to last, durable enough to hang heavy winter jackets with no problem. The Multi-Clothes Hanger is designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight and maximize closet space

The rotating swivel allows you to place your clothes in whichever position you find more comfortable so that it is easier to find your favorite clothes. 


When purchasing this Multi-Port Clothes Hange, you’re getting 18 hangers in total because of the functionality and innovative hanger design, saving your space, time and money while neatly organizing.

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