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Maternity Belt

As a pregnant woman’s belly grows, lots of other things start happening too...Unfortunately, it can lead to all kinds of pain around the lower back and pelvic area, which can get really severe and have long-term effects on health.

"Healthy Body = Healthy Baby" is the most crucial thing to remember during pregnancy.

Pregnancy pain is a thing of the past with Maternity Belt:-
  1. RELIEVES PAIN & PRESSURE in back, legs, and abdomen
  2. PROVIDES GENTLE, FIRM SUPPORT where the belly needs it most
  3. ALLOWS COMFORTABLY engage in daily and exercising activities
  4. IMPROVES POSTURE & BALANCE of the body, reducing the risk of fall during all trimesters
  5. HELPS THE BABY get into the right position in the womb for birth
  6. FACILITATES RECOVERY during the postpartum period.
  7. Maternity Belt is FULLY ADJUSTABLE for a growing belly (without circulation cut-off)
  8. MADE OF BREATHABLE fabric and does NOT show under clothing
  9. DESIGNED TO BE WORN during all trimesters

Maternity Belt